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Spaköina {спокойно}

Mindfulness & Psychotherapy


Spaköina <спокойно>;  Critical Alignment

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Spakòina is an experience of deep intervention, of mindfulness and psychotherapy. It takes the approach of filtering our experiences through our senses and sensation. How the body responds and holds information for us to represent it through linguistic patterns and metaphors. It draws from the buddhist meditation and concepts of Theravāda, of how to recognize the state of being and then how to access alternate dimensions. 

Included in this program are the folllowing concepts


Holon & Interconnectedness

The concept of a holon teaches that every part of our being is both complete in itself and an integral part of the greater whole. Embracing this interconnectedness guides us from ego-centeredness to collective consciousness, enriching our spiritual journey and deepening our connections with others and the universe.


Reconnecting With Sensory Experience 

To truly connect with ourselves and meditate effectively, we need to reconnect with our sensory experiences and our somatic mind. This connection enhances our awareness and presence in the moment.



A mindful pause between trigger and reaction creates awareness, allowing for mindful choices and emotional safety.


Gateway to Inner and Outer Worlds

The five sense organs—nose, eyes, ears, tongue, and skin—are gateways to true knowledge, connecting us to the outer world and our inner purpose. They interact with the five master elements (Space, Air, Fire, Water, and Earth), translating subtle energies into perceivable forms through the mind, linking our consciousness with the external world.


Silence & Empathy

True silence is a rich, positive state filled with divine music, fragrance & light, fostering inner peace & self-connection. Embracing the present moment & emotional awareness creates a nurturing environment, helping us stay grounded & fully engaged with the world outside.


Emotional Regulation & Mantal Clarity

Regaining awareness of our senses helps regulate emotions and achieve mental clarity. This sensory mindfulness reduces stress and promotes well-being, enabling us to respond to life's challenges with calm and composure.

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An IJNGP Fundraiser

Proceeds from Spaköina-2024 would be taken towards the foundation work, it would be distributed in various categories of development and advancement of the field of research for the continued integration of multi-disciplinary scholarship to illuminate the intricacies of psychological inquiry.

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