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Disseminating Research Learning and Training

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3rd February 2024

Research Paper Presentation and Commemoration Ceremony

The 3rd Annual Research Paper Presentation aims to bridge the gap between seasoned professionals and aspiring researchers, empowering them to share and inspire quality research within Neurolinguistics and Gestalt Psychology, fostering growth in the field. It also serves as a platform to felicitate the recent graduates of the 10-month Integrated Diploma Program.

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25th February 2023

Research Paper Presentation 

The purpose of this Research Paper Presentation is to provide an interactive learning opportunity discussion forum for the latest in the field of Research on Neurolinguistics and Gestalt Therapy.

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11th November 2022

Trauma Healing, Transformation & Transcendence 

The purpose of this International Conference is to address topics beyond (PTS) and explore the realms of human struggle, complicated coping mechanisms, addictions, losses, grief and death. To free the voices of victims and raise awareness on this subject and represent a societal challenge.

2nd April 2022

IJNGP Research Paper


The purpose of the research paper presentation is to provide authors with a platform to promote their research papers and inspire aspiring researchers to write and mentor quality merit-based research papers within Neurolinguistics & Gestalt and explore and grow within the field.

12th November 2021

Dissociating Trauma, Healing Relations & Approaches of Treatment

The purpose of the International Conference is to encourage curiosity in academia & connect & learn through the exchange of ideas in the areas of linguistics, theory of mind, change of work, somatic movement fieldwork neural anatomy in therapeutic interventions

More conferences coming soon

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