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Student Council

The student council is a representative body aimed at offering a unique platform for students around the globe to give them a chance to showcase their leadership skills, contribute to the field of psychology and research, and network with like-minded individuals to bring their collective vision to fruition.

The Student Council will be an extension of IJNGP, working per the guidelines of IJNGP.


The council will include Psychology students at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels for the following representations:

  1. President: Oversee the operations of the council and take charge of networking and communication.

  2. Editor-in-chief: Community networking and coordination of the projects.

  3. Council members: Execution of the projects and community engagement.

The selected six individuals will brainstorm and execute projects that align with the field, community and journal guidelines. 


The representatives of the council will contribute to the field of Psychology and Research in the following ways:


  1. Represent the field and journal in various arenas.

  2. Connect and engage with industry professionals and understand their perspectives on the dynamic field.

  3. Network and work with student representatives to organise different community engagement programmes.

  4. Support in organising intercollegiate activities and events to progress the student communities.

  5. Contribute to the journal's annual newsletter.

  6. Represent the journal during the Annual Conference.

For any queries, feel free to reach out to us at
Please read the following guidelines to check your eligibility:
  1. A background in Psychology is a must.
  2. Only students pursuing their undergraduate or postgraduate with at least one subject as Psychology from any university can submit their application for the student council.
  3. The tenure of any representative of the student council is eight months. Hence, the students must be committed to their roles for the entirety of their tenure.
Please note: A certificate, Letter of Recommendation and IJNGP's merchandise kit will be provided upon the successful completion of the tenure.
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