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Spaköina 2024

Critical Alignment 

Sense, relations & contributions

It is only through the acts of silence and meditation that we step forth into the source of our resource and see ourselves as whole, filled and complete - just the way it should be, no matter who has ever said otherwise. Never shall we put any face on the world other than our own, and we have to do this precisely in order to find ourselves. For higher than science or art as an end itself stands our augmentation, the creator of all things.

2nd Meditation
Journey to the depth
of Psyche and Being

16th - 25th Oct 2024

Held at Telavi , Kazbegi & Tbilisi

Surrounded by mountains, Open skies,

Cool breeze, Farm Food & Georgian hospitality 


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+91 7045413367

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An IJNGP Fundraiser

Proceeds from Spaköina-2024 would be taken towards the foundation work, it would be distributed in various categories of development and advancement of the field of research for the continued integration of multi-disciplinary scholarship to illuminate the intricacies of psychological inquiry.

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