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The true beauty of this remote style of learning is that it lends itself perfectly to the lifestyle that fits around you to allow a customized experience.

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We offer courses within the whole range of Neurolinguistics, Gestalt Psychology, Research, and Therapy.

  • This course in PDF Format includes over 5 hours of instruction and practice-based assessments that are critical for understanding: how to write a research paper.

  • In this course, you’ll learn how to format, structure and conduct a research paper from beginning to end. The content is easy to understand and developed by experienced research mentors.

  • Through a mix of exercises, assessments, in-text questions, reference papers, you will learn the basics of Statistics and Testing and apply the foundational concepts you learned in this program.

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  • This seven-subject program is designed for anyone looking to gain insight into Neurolinguistics, Gestalt Psychology, and Therapy. 

  • This course is a culmination of 7 inspirational speakers from around the globe sharing their perspectives and experiences in a wide range of subjects. 

  • In this course, you’ll learn how to use essential tools, gain insight, and analyze different approaches to Treating Trauma and Healing Relations