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Spakoina 2024 @Georgia {Mindfulness and Psychotherapy}

Starts is from 16th to 25th Oct 2024 - Aarti Asrani and Anil Thomas

Engage in the practical application of mindfulness to seamlessly integrate it into your workdays, simultaneously reducing stress and anxiety while elevating emotional and spiritual well-being. Immerse yourself in this transformative experience surrounded by the picturesque embrace of mountains, tranquil quietude, and the vast expanse of open skies.

Proceeds of spakõina is taken for foundation work Donated to Charity: Radical Compassion means cherishing and caring for all beings—human, non-human, our living earth. In this spirit, 10% of proceeds from courses offered by the Radical Compassion Institute will be distributed to non-profits supporting climate and racial justice initiatives.

Spakoina 2024 @ Georgia - {critical alignment}

16th to 25th Oct 2024

Aarti Asrani and Anil Thomas

10 days of mindfullness and psychotherapy

Invitation at $1200

Mindfulness and Psychotherapy, represent an ingrained practice aimed at accessing the sacred space, fostering communication from the body and the higher self, all within a state of connectedness. Our work operates on a psychological level, seeking to restore lost symmetry by addressing issues such as the 'not I', enmeshment, and contaminations related to self-worth, capability and identity.

Throughout this program, partcipants will gain insights into:

  • Identifying and navigating enmeshment, fear-based orientations, and control-centric relationships. 

  • Developing an awareness of stress and anxiety buildup and understanding its bodily responses.

  • Cultivating dimensional communication by accessing the ether and building report.  

  • Strengthen Problem-Solving Skills.

  • Practicing presence in the 'now', within the body.

  • Engaging in the practices of cleansing, gratification, connection, and contribution.

Irrespective of your profession, the integration of mindfulness has the potential to profoundly transform your work experience and contribute to the development of more meaningful and enriching relationships with all those you encounter.

Here's what's included:

• 5 days of intense work and noble silence for nearly 14 hours daily, touching deep psychological injunctions and triggers of unresolved issues and         blocks. Accessing the enmeshment that prevents the full presence of self to contribute in a generative space of relations or work. 

•  Recorded sessions to access as a part of continuous practice of silence, meditation and restoration of access points 

•  Here is a projected schedule

16th Oct 2024

The projected schedule for October 16, 2024, is as follows

  • Arrive at Tbilisi, transit via Bolt to Telavi.

  • Check-in at the designated property.

  • Take the remainder of the day to ease into the surroundings, allowing for relaxation and recovery from travel fatigue.

  • Appreciate the peace and calm of the Telavi range.

  • Attend a meet-and-greet session with a quick debrief, setting the tone of the upcoming days.

  • Disconnect from all external access

  • Enjoy a light dinner.

  • Prioritize an early night's sleep for rejuvenation. 

This comprehensive program is designed with both professional rigor and empathetic consideration for your well-being.

From the 17th to the 21st of October in Telavi, the daily schedule is as follows:

6 am: Commerce the day with stretching and yoga. 

6:45 am: Engage in disclosure, followed by breath and walking meditation.  

------ Noble silence routine observed during breakfast ------

9:30 am: Participate in a session focusing on dimensional talk and related activities. 

11:15 am: Dedicate time to inner work activities, specifically in the realm of psychology.

------ Noble silence observed during lunch and nap ------

2:30 pm: Partake in bodywork, incorporating mindfulness and psychotherapy.

4:30 pm: Embrace silence and engage in meditation. 

------ Noble silence maintained during dinner and an excerpt session ------

8:30 pm:  Conclude the day with a closing meditation, where the context will be shared. 


22nd Oct 2024 - Kazbegi (Georgia's third-highest peak)

  • Onboard at 6 am, breakfast en route

  • Mountain Meditation 

  • Nature walk and visiting the 14th-century Gergeti Trinity Church

  • Pansheti Mineral Pools 

  • 22nd Night - Stay at Kazbegi 

23rd Oct 2024 - Kesbegi to Tbilisi

  • Inner work and self care

  • Touching the Earth Meditation

  • Lunch and Depart to Tbilisi

  • Check in Tbilisi, exploration and dinner (recommended places) 


24th Oct 2024 - Tbilisi

  • Mother of Georgia + other places {vipassana in action} {recommended lists} 

  • Self time

  • Community Dinner at Azher 7 pm


25th Oct 2024

  • Check out 

  • Breakfast (recommended places) 

  • Bolt to Tbilisi Airport (preferably take an evening flight)

  • Flight back Mumbai  


• Access to quarterly online sessions {the gathering}  to keep the practice and community (sanga) breathing together for communion and connections

• A handout with excerpts of content and practice template for self-work and practice Spaköina 2024 {спокойно} is based on the principle of                 mindfulness and psychotherapy. At the centre of it’s work is ‘critical alignment’ of five aspects and dimensional work. It is attempted to take the           concept of this powerful technique to daily life and its movement and chaos, how this can bring equanimity beyond the mountains. This                       experience is offered by Aarti Asrani and Anil Thomas, as a fund raiser to the work and vision of the foundation that works for IJNGP. The                     invitation price includes the above mentioned schedule, facilitation, plus the live and recorded sessions, online community, meals [1] and other           experiences [1] mentioned in annexure

Please note 

  • Carry your yoga mat

  • Winter Clothing 

 The outlined details above serve as a preliminary overview, with more comprehensive information to be provided upon enrollment in                             the Spaköina 2024 program. This additional information will include specific program details, guidelines, and any necessary resources 

 to ensure your seamless participation and optimum experience. We Look forward to welcoming you and sharing further insights into

 this transformative journey.


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An IJNGP Fundraiser

Proceeds from Spaköina-2024 would be taken towards the foundation work, it would be distributed in various categories of development and advancement of the field of research for the continued integration of multi-disciplinary scholarship to illuminate the intricacies of psychological inquiry.

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