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India's first Journal promoting Research & Training in Neurolinguistics & Gestalt Psychology

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International Journal of Neurolinguistics 
& Gestalt Psychology

Be a part of our dynamic programs, where we host events to disseminate and promote advanced knowledge.

June '23

Basic Intervention Skills & Approaches

Basic Intervention Skills & Approaches (BISA) is a two-day entry-level course program directed at a curriculum that teaches attitudes, behaviours and skills prerequisite to the advanced course and to life in general.

Live - Online

March '23 - October '23

Live - Online

October '23

Eliciting Trauma: Structure of Addiction & Healing Pathway

Eliciting trauma is a two day certification course aimed at skill development and understanding how the memory of trauma affects relations and day to day functioning of the client.

Live - Online

November '23

Live - Online

January '24 - October '24

Live - Online

3rd February '24

The Research Paper Presentation aims to explore and disseminate information regarding the most recent trends and developments in the field of psychology and research. This event is dedicated to shedding light on the latest findings and advancements, promoting knowledge sharing, and fostering a deeper understanding of the dynamic landscape of psychological research.

Offline - Mumbai



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