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Global Internship Research Program (GIRP) is an IJNGP initiative to encourage young adults across our globe to showcase their research skills in psychology and to present it in creative content expression as per the latest APA formats. During the term of this internship, the interns would be working on a wide range of research content and would be able to expand their knowledge base on research in Psychology. 

Bonafide Students who complete the assigned tasks are then recognized and awarded on a global platform. The interns are awarded with Letter of Recommendation, Certification and their work would be mentioned on the journal, books & other writing material as well as on the official website as and when the material is published. 

This internship is a unique opportunity to get mentored and coached in the subject by mentors and respective subject matter expertise.

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What we offer

The Global  Internship Research Programme offers students and recent graduates the opportunity to gain direct practical experience in research and content work for psychology. This Internship opportunity is available for students across the globe who wish to build up their knowledge beyond academics and gain experience in the field.


Psychological science holds research as a firm foundation to spread knowledge and information. Hence GIRP was founded as a way to provide students of psychology with hands-on experience with research and content involving various aspects of psychology. 

  • Work with experienced professional 

  • Guidance with research and gain knowledge beyond academic books.

  • Printed certificates will be posted.

  • Letter of recommendation 

  • Goodies and merchandise 



  • Psychology Graduate

  • Below the age of 23

  • Needs to have a good understanding of APA formatting ( 7th edition)

  • Minimum research experience 

  • Determined and should be able to commit 2 hrs minimum per day as per convenience between 9 AM to 2 AM.

  • Full 8 months commitment to the service of the learning experience.

How to apply ( process)

Click here                       to fill out the form 

Fill out the form with accurate details.

Once we receive your application it will be thoroughly reviewed


Global Internship Research Program competition 

The Interns of GIRP

(Global Internship Research Program)

 Smruti Pusalkar

Smruti Pusalkar


Smruti is currently pursuing Bachelors in Psychology from Fergusson College. She is passionate about mental health and well being and plans to pursue a career in this field. she has successfully completed her internship period. During which she has worked on an article ‘Psychology specialty to requirement’, and articles based on various psychological disorders and Gestalt Psychology.

Fergusson College. , Pune

 Vidhita Chowdhury

Vidhita Chowdhury


Vidhita Chowdhury is currently pursuing her Master's in Psychology. She is a learner from heart, a hard worker from the mind; she just follows one thing i.e. There is nothing that you can't do. She wishes to create a safe space for people in marginalized communities. She has recently discovered her interest/ inclination towards research and she would say she finds it interesting and intriguing. She also feels, that one should learn from everything around and there is always two-way learning that occurs while your work/interact with anybody.

Mount Carmel College,58, Palace Rd, Bangalore-52 (Autonomous)

Aarya Jain

Aarya Jain

Madhya Pradesh

Aarya Jain is currently in her final year pursuing BSC Mathematics Honours from Miranda House, University of Delhi. She contributed to the success of the IJNGP Conference 2021.

Miranda House, Delhi University

Aditi Garg

Aditi Garg

Uttar Pradesh

Aditi is always ready to help out a person in need but she needs a cup of coffee first. She is also a psychology enthusiast who always strives to learn more.

Sophia College, Mumbai

 Riteeka Rawat

Riteeka Rawat

New Delhi

Riteeka, completed her high school graduation from Bal Bharati Public School (GRH Marg) in 2019. She is currently pursuing an integrated course from Amity University (Noida) in Clinical Psychology, she will complete my integrated course in the year 2023.

Amity University

 Tanishka Mauskar

Tanishka Mauskar


Tanishka is currently a 12th grade student of Podar International School. she is hoping to pursue psychology in the future as it intrigues her the most. She loves writing, reading, dancing and playing sports among other things. She enjoyed working on this project as it combined two of her passions together i.e. psychology and writing.

Podar International, Mumbai

Aalia Passanha

Aalia Passanha


Aalia is an undergraduate student pursuing Psychology from Sophia College, Mumbai. She is greatly intrigued by different cultures, history and people. She hopes to raise awareness regarding mental health and diversity.

Sophia College for Women

Aastha Bhatra

Aastha Bhatra


Aastha has completed her Bachelor's degree in Psychology from the Handique Girls' College. She is curious and learns new things while reading journals or papers of her interest. She is currently aspiring to pursue Postgraduation Course in Clinical Psychology.

Handique Girls' College

Agrima Juneja

Agrima Juneja


Agrima Juneja, currently pursuing Post Graduation in Clinical Psychology. She is on her journey of trying to understand the dynamics of the human mind and behaviour. She aims to make mental health accessible to every nook and corner, every household of this country.

Amity University

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