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Academic Supporters

Our academic partners showcase their dedication to IJNGP's initiatives, contributions and advocacy efforts to advancing psychology as a scientific discipline. Through their unwavering support and consistent year-round efforts, backing IJNGP annual conferences, and delivering comprehensive educational materials to our community, these academic supporters showcase a steadfast commitment to championing psychologists and mental health professionals throughout their professional journeys. 

This collaborative effort is a platform for ongoing education, continual growth and refinement of psychological research and practice. Their enduring commitment serves as a cornerstone, uplifting the broader landscape of psychology and fortifying its position as a dynamic and evolving scientific discipline.

Mody Linen Fibre Private Limited

Aditya Mody.jpeg

Aditya Mody

Mody Linen Fibre Private Limited, primarily engaged in the manufacture of various textiles, endeavours to contribute to the field of research and development by raising awareness through a series of knowledge-sharing events, including seminars, workshops, conferences, and lectures held nationwide.

As individuals deeply invested in mental health and the interdisciplinary exploration of psychology, physiology Gestalt therapy, and NLP, they find tremendous value in supporting IJNGP’s conference as it serves as a catalyst for fostering collaboration, innovation, and advancement in these interconnected fields. IJNGP's vision resonates strongly with their belief in the importance of holistic approaches to mental well-being as by promoting research and journal publications, IJNGP acknowledges the multifaceted nature of mental health and the need for comprehensive understanding and intervention strategies.

Panadevi Sharma Charitable Trust

Sushma Sharma.jpeg

Sushma Sharma

Panadevi Sharma Charitable Trust, under the leadership of Mrs Sushma Sharma, has been a stalwart in the realm of Mental Health and Counselling for over three decades. Mrs Sharma's pioneering efforts date back to 1989 when she courageously established the Ashray Counselling Centre, breaking through societal taboos surrounding mental health.

Their steadfast commitment to fostering academic excellence and intellectual inquiry has empowered IJNGP immeasurably. They have been thoughtful partners on this journey of research and psychology by supporting various initiatives of IJNGP, such as the annual conference and the Global Research Internship Program (GIRP).

IJNGP's 3rd Annual Research Conference was held on February 3, 2024, at St. Pauls College for Women in Bandra West, Mumbai, India, which was a success because of the support and faith of our supporters, Mody Linen Fibre Private Limited and Panadevi Sharma Charitable Trust.

Spaköina Community
(Community that supports us in keeping the vision of the journal alive)

Spaköina Community
Aastha Kamra

Aastha Kamra

Aditya Mody.png

Aditya Mody

Charulata Mody.png

Charulata Mody

Dipti Nazare_edited.jpg

Dipti Lahori Nazare

Harpreet Kaur Basin.png

Harpreet Kaur Basin

Manisha Chaudhary.png

Manisha Chaudhary

Mayank Mody.png

Mayank Mody

Mehernosh Randeria hi-res.png

Mehernosh Randeria

Parul Kakad.png

Parul Kakad

Priya Kunnath.png

Priya Kunnath 

Ruhee Lokhandwala.png

Ruhee Lokhandwala

Saloni Modi.png

Saloni Modi

Sangeeta Shah.png

Sangeeta Shah 

Shreya Krishnan.png

Shreya Krishnan

Sushma Sharma.png

Sushma Sharma

Glimpses of the Research Paper Presentation and Commemoration Ceremony, 2024

With the support and faith of supporters, the three-hour-long conference featured distinguished keynote speakers and promising research by emerging scholars. The talks and presentations focused on translating discoveries into real-world impact. The event contributed to advancing our understanding of the significance of research, procrastination, and more, thus furthering the advancement of Psychology as a science through the promotion of research.


Dr. Brillian S. K.


Dr. Anuradha Purandare

Keynote Speaker

Dr. Mrinalini Purandare

Keynote Speaker

Canon EOS M50m2 (335)_edited.jpg

Dr. Pooja Birwatkar

Keynote Speaker

ijngp logo_new_edited.png

Dr. Sybil Thomas

Keynote Speaker

The conference agenda also made time to celebrate the students of the 10-month Integrated Diploma Program (IDP), an advanced program aimed at developing professionals from a varied broad range of work in the field of counselling psychology & therapy. 


After rigorous learning and extensive practice spanning 10 months, students successfully completed the diploma program, and they were honoured for their achievements in a commemoration ceremony held before the conference audience. Discussions throughout the day reflected the creativity, rigour, and insight driving recent advances.


Successful Graduates of the 10-month Integrated Diploma Program, 2023

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