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Membership Benefits

IJNGP aims to foster a community where researchers and mental health professionals collaborate to enrich the field of psychology. Our journal provides members with diverse benefits tailored to their chosen plan. Our pricing structure ensures accessibility for both students and professionals, allowing them to select plans that align with their needs and interests.

In addition to access to cutting-edge research and valuable resources, our members enjoy opportunities for networking, professional development, and engagement with like-minded individuals. We believe in creating a platform that not only facilitates the exchange of knowledge but also nurtures personal and career growth within the dynamic field of psychology. Choose the plan that suits you best, and join us in shaping the future of psychological research and practice.

Basic Educational Plan (Annual)

₹100/month; Billed Annually

Basic Educational Plan (Annual)

Best for Students and Budding Researchers.

  • Monthly access to IJNGP's original educational resources on different topics from the domain of Psychology.

  • Confirmed slot to IJNGP's limited seats monthly sessions.

  • Limited access to the Basic Course on Research (How to Write a Research Paper).

Community Service and Research Work

₹3,750 for 8 months or ₹28,000 (Billed Once)

Best for Students, Mental Health and Social Work Professionals, and Budding Researchers.

  • Monthly access to IJNGP's original educational resources.

  • Free training to do Community Service with the Geriatric and/or Student Community (dependent on the availability of the community).

  • Opportunity to conduct research on the work done under Community Service, and craft and publish an original research paper.

  • Lifetime access to the Basic Course on how to write a research paper, as well as an Advanced Course on Research (A Comprehensive Guide to Research).

Affiliations and Training Certifications

₹36,000/year; Billed Annually

Affiliations and Training Certifications

Best for Training Institutes and Organisations, and Professionals offering Training.

  • Internationally recognised affiliation by IJNGP.

  • Access to webinars, colloquialisms and symposiums by industry experts for your course. This can be conducted online or in person, depending on your need (dependent on the availability of the experts).

  • Training of faculty and facilitators (if from the field relevant to the journal), and Trainer's certificate to successful candidates.

  • Certifications acknowledging partnership.

  • Certificate of recognition and training to successful graduates of the course.

Spaköina: Critical Alignment

Spaköina: Critical Alignment

₹1,20,000/year; One-time Payment

Best for Industry Professionals.

  • Chance to be a part of an exclusive, invite-only, once-a-year International Retreat for self-work and critical alignment for personal development, facilitated by experts.

  • Lifetime access to lecture videos and course material of the critical alignment retreat.

  • Mention as an "Academic Supporter", under the esteemed Spaköina Community.

  • A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for professional networking with experts and professionals from different fields and parts of the globe.

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