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Training & Mentorship
in Research Publication

In an era where research is the driving force behind progress, our Research Mentorship Program invites you to embark on this exciting voyage of discovery, where your contributions can shape the future and make a lasting difference.

Our Research Mentorship Program provides a distinctive opportunity to embark on an enriching journey. By becoming a part of this program, you gain access to the wisdom of experienced researchers, valuable resources, and the opportunity to contribute to impactful projects. Whether you are a seasoned researcher or new to the world of research, our program offers a supportive environment to foster your academic and intellectual development.

Program Attributes 

Learn and go deeper into the literature review academically in NLP and Gestalt

The Research Mentorship Program stands as a testament to our commitment to nurturing the intellectual curiosity and aspirations of the next generation of researchers. Designed as an immersive six-month initiative, it offers an unparalleled and exclusive opportunity to embark on a captivating journey into the world of research.


Our program casts its net wide, attracting highly qualified and ambitious research enthusiasts from across the globe. We firmly believe that the pursuit of knowledge knows no borders, and thus, we welcome participants from diverse backgrounds and experiences. At its core, the program aims to provide a platform for budding researchers to engage in hands-on, academic-level research.

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Dedicated Mentorship: Each researcher is paired with a mentor who is an expert in their field.

Experienced Mentors: Our mentors are seasoned professionals ready to guide and inspire the next generation of researchers.

Wide Range of Projects: Researchers have numerous research project options within Neurolinguistics, Gestalt Psychology, & Therapy.

Practical Research Skills: Researchers will gain practical knowledge in various research techniques, from formulating hypotheses to conducting experiments & analysing data.


Professional Opportunities: Learned skills can serve as stepping stones to access professional research-based opportunities.

Mentorship Pack

The mentorship will provide extensive learning and training the various aspects of research

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Navigating the Research Landscape: Understanding how Research is conducted.

Learn from field experts about how research is conducted and explore the practical aspects of research.

2 hours 


How to Write a Research Paper: Tools, Techniques and Examples

Explore the different components of research to understand the best way to pursue your research.

3 hours

Surrounded by Books

Research Foundation and Skills: Comprehensive Guide to Choose and Complete a Research Paper

A comprehensive guide to understand the different components of research and enrichen the research experience.

9 hours

Anatomy of A Research Paper

Elements of a well-structured research paper that ensure clarity, coherence, & academic rigor to convey research findings effectively

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Who Can Apply:

  • Age requirement for program eligibility: Applicants must be above the age of 21 or above

  • Psychology Postgraduate Students: Those pursuing advanced degrees seeking research opportunities.

  • Academicians: Educators and researchers from academic institutions.

  • Seasoned Researchers: Experienced experts in research and academia.

  • Research Enthusiasts: Individuals passionate about research exploration.

  • Coaches: Professionals eager to widen their horizons.

  • Mental Health Professionals: Practitioners who want to explore research.

Timeline and Duration

The meticulously crafted six-month program adheres to a defined timeline, ensuring a smooth journey

Kindly Note:

  • The Research Mentorship Program has only 8 seats in a year.

  • Research Project: Participants are required to work on a research project under the guidance of their mentor and are expected to present their findings at the end of the program.

  • Evaluation: Participants may be evaluated throughout the program based on their progress and participation, and may need to meet specific benchmarks to complete the program successfully.

  • The application process involves participants submitting a resume or CV, a statement of interest or a research proposal.

  • Participants must commit a certain amount of time to the program, such as attending regular meetings or working on research projects for a specified number of hours per week.

Our carefully curated articles highlighting the benefits of research writing process

Resource Articles 

The course provides aspiring researchers and students with an in-depth breakdown of theoretical research stages and concepts with examples to enhance their knowledge and skill set.

The inherent flexibility of this research empowers researchers to not only adapt and modify specific aspects but also seamlessly align them with evolving objectives and aspirations.

Empirical research is defined as any research where conclusions of the study are strictly drawn from concretely empirical evidence and therefore “verifiable” evidence.





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