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Manuscript Guidelines

The followings guidelines should be followed

Title Page

The following information must be included on the title page of the article:


  • Title of the article. (Less than 90 characters)

  • Full name, postal address, e-mail and telephone number of the corresponding author.

  • Full name, department, institution, city and country of all co-authors.

Main Document

The manuscript must be submitted in a Word format, and NOT as a pdf.

It must include the following sections:

  • Title Page

  • Abstract

  • Main Body, including the headings and subheadings

  • Tables and figures must be cited in the main text in numerical order

  • References in APA 7 format


The in-text citation and bibliography must follow APA 7th edition format, and the authors must check for accuracy prior to submission.

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Submission Guideline/ Instructions for Authors

  1. The paper should strictly follow the APA guidelines.

  2. The theme of the research should be related to the theme of the journal that is , Neurolinguistics, Gestalt Psychology and Neuroscience.

  3. The first page should involve the Title, Author names, Organization/Institution the authors attend, author note, corresponding authors email Id should have a star [*]

  4. The abstract should not be more than 250 words and should have 4-6 Key words

  5. To know the formatting, font, size, etc. refer to the sample below. (click here for sample document)

  6. Avoid any kind of endnotes and footnotes

  7. References must comply by APA format strictly

  8. Word-limit for the paper excluding abstract and references is 1500-5000 words

  9. All the questionnaires, scales or any other reference material used should be provided in appendix

  10. Contribution of the authors should be included honestly

  11. Conflict of Interest should be mentioned before references if any

  12. Credits should be given where-ever due 

  13. All manuscripts will be treated as confidential documents 

Fields of Research

  • Personality Psychology

  • Developmental Psychology

  • Clinical and child psychology

  • Perception, Cognitions and cognitive neuroscience.

  • Positive Psychology

  • Psychopathology and Psychotherapy

  • Cultural Psychology

  • Individual differences and behaviour genetics

  • Behavioural and Cognitive neuroscience

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