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1.The author submits the article as per the instructions laid down on the website.​

2. Initial screening  

The papers are reviewed initially to check the following aspects of the research.

  • Plagiarism

  • The paper matches the aim of the Journal

  • If it is interesting

  • The writing quality 

  • The instructions are followed

Once, the content of the paper conforms to the above, it passes the initial screening and moves to the Review stage.

3. Peer Review 

  On passing the screening test, the manuscript is then processed to the peer review committee.

They provide detailed feedback based on the different spectrums of the paper. This feedback is submitted to the editorial board

  for the final decision. We follow the Double-blind peer review process. 


4. Editorial 

     Herein, the decision is taken based on the reviews received from the reviewing committee.


5. Final Decision is communicated labeled as the following-

  • Acceptance without any changes 

  • Acceptance with minor revisions 

  • Acceptance with major changes

  • Revise and resubmit

  • Reject


6. Type - Setting

      Once your paper is accepted, it enters the phase of type-setting. Here your paper is edited and structured as per the

      publishing house guidelines. 

7. Proof-Reading

     This team checks up the entire paper in accordance with the set guidelines to make sure, the type-setter team did not miss           out on anything.

     It is shared with the Author for another round of proof-reading and once we receive a thumbs up from the author, we begin         with the publishing and printing process.

Publication fee

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On Application





On Approval





  • For additional mentorship and support, write to

  • Bonafide student less than the age of 24 from a college/ university having an identity card for the current academic year.

Sample Certificate

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