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Volume 4 Issue 1 February 2024

Conceptual Research Paper, Real and Virtual Reality

Augmentation and Dissociation: Exploring Brain's Associations Across Real and Virtual Realities

Author: Sushma Sharma


A Quantitative Study, Early Experiences and Body Image

Affect, Body Image, Self-Esteem and Sexual Satisfaction: Impact of Early Childhood Relationships


Author: Elisha Virani


Conceptual Research Paper, Empathy

Beyond Academia: Re-evaluating the Nuances of Real-World Empathy


Author: Shameem Banu


Meta-analysis, Empty Chair Technique and Conflicts

Efficacy of Empty Chair Technique in Resolving Conflicts between Parent-Child Relationships


Author: Aastha Kamra


Review Research Paper, Research and Errors

Navigating the Pitfalls in Research: Avoiding Common Errors While Writing a Paper


Author: Minoti Karnik


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