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Volume 3 Issue 2 August 2023

Conceptual Research Paper, Business and Success

A Conceptual Roadmap to Success: Understanding the 7 Determinants of Business Performance


Author: Dr. CA Umang Ratani


Conceptual Research Paper, Procrastination and Chunking

Exploring the Five Influential Action Factors to Unravel Procrastination


Author: Anil Thomas


A Quantitative Study, Emotional States and Insomnia

The Interplay of Rumination, Positive Emotions, Negative Emotions, and Effect on Quality of Sleep

Author: Dr. Sukhmeet K. Kalsi


Conceptual Research Paper, Unwanted Emotions and X-Y Axis Model

Adopting a Model of X-Y Axis to Understand the Client’s Narrative and Presenting State


Author: Anil Thomas

Co-Author: Mallika


A Quantitative Study, Lurian Kabbalah and Gestalt Therapy

Untangling Long-Term Enmeshed Suffering Emotions: A Study of Lurianic Kabbalah and Gestalt Therapy


Author: Anil Thomas


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