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Affect, Body Image, Self-Esteem and Sexual Satisfaction: Impact of Early Childhood Relationships

Issued Date: 7th February 2024

Published Date: 12th February 2024

Author Affiliations: Elisha Virani


This quantitative study explores the rich tapestry of early childhood interactions and their substantial impact on a number of adult well-being variables. Using a broad sample size, the study seeks to identify the intricate relationships between early experiences and adult sexual satisfaction, body image, self-esteem, and positive and negative affect. The study uses a quantitative methodology, gathering data from a sizable and varied cohort with the use of surveys and standardised instruments. Early childhood connections are seen as a complex construct that includes impacts from peers, families, and society at large. The study looks for patterns and links between these variables using statistical analyses and correlation models. The findings of this research could make a substantial contribution to the domains of sociology, psychology, and human development by illuminating the long-term effects of early connections.


Keywords: Early Childhood Experiences · Positive Affect · Negative Affect · Body Image · Self-Esteem · Sexual Satisfaction


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