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Efficacy of Empty Chair Technique in Resolving Conflicts Between Parent-Child Relationships

Issued Date: 7th February 2024

Published Date: 12th February 2024

Author Affiliations: Aastha Kamra


This paper outlines the efficacy of the Empty Chair technique of Gestalt therapy to resolve conflicts in a parent-child relationship. This paper also highlights at which developmental stage the conflicts arise or at which stage the child needs more attention. Different types of conflicts have arisen in a parent-child relationship over the past 10 years. Results of the study indicated that identity conflicts in adolescents stem from the cause of the parent-child relationship and, if not resolved, can lead to the trigger of identity, which will start at any point in the child’s life. And the results also implicated that the use of the Empty Chair Technique can help effectively resolve parent-child conflict, and it has also shown improvements in client conflict resolution related to both internal and external factors. It was also discerned that there is a great scope for further research in this area of study. To do so, the paper examines how Gestalt and Empty Chair techniques can be effectively employed to understand and seek resolution between different individuals and the parent-child dynamic. Further research to see the implications of the Empty Chair techniques can be conducted.



Gestalt Therapy · Relationship · Empty Chair · Conflicts 


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