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Geriatric Community Service

As our population ages, it's essential to recognise and address the unique experiences and needs of older adults. What they need is also is companionship, compassion and empathy. Understanding family dynamics has been a key focus of research in geriatrics, exploring how relationships within families impact the social, economic, and health aspects of ageing. 

Our Geriatric Community Service Project is a dedicated initiative aimed at supporting the elderly members of our community.

With this initiative, we bring in the teachings of Neurolinguistics and Gestalt Psychology and apply them in the real world. Because of the significance of but dearth of research in the field of Geriatrics and Gerontology, we are conducting, in association with Umang Foundation Trust, a community service to make a positive difference in the lives of our cherished elders and promote a better understanding of their experiences.

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Resource distribution in the Kalyan-Thane area

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Service activity at Krishna Gopal Rajpuria Vanprasthahram Old Age Home

With this initiative, we aim to address the pressing needs of the geriatric community in India, a demographic often overlooked in research and social initiatives. The Geriatric Community Service Project seeks to bridge this gap by empowering individuals to actively engage with and support elderly individuals, while also garnering recognition for their valuable contributions.

A carefully selected group of twelve individuals will undergo rigorous training conducted by industry professionals over the course of one month. This training will equip them with specialised skills and knowledge necessary to effectively interact with the geriatric community. These individuals will be trained in a specific tool or technique of psychology to enhance their understanding of the needs and challenges faced by elderly individuals.

Once trained, they will engage directly with the geriatric community and utilise the tools and techniques learned during training to collect valuable data. This data will be meticulously documented and regularly analysed to identify significant observations and emerging trends.

Project Timeline

Geriatric Community Service Timeline.png

By actively involving these individuals in data collection and analysis, the Geriatric Community Service Project not only facilitates meaningful engagement with the elderly but also generates valuable insights that can inform future interventions and policies aimed at improving the lives of elderly individuals in India. Through this initiative, we hope to foster a culture of empathy, understanding, and support for the geriatric community while empowering individuals to make a tangible difference in their lives.

Project Guidelines

  1. The total duration of this project is eight months.

  2. The project may be analysed for preparing a research article. People who contributed to the project in its entirety will get co-authorship credits if the article is published or the report is released.

  3. No material or collected data can be used as part of another project by individuals part of the project. They understand and give full consent to not using the data or results of this project, in parts or as a whole, in any work that is not part of the foundation work without prior permission.

  4. Aspects of the project, as parts or as a whole, may be recorded for record-keeping. Individuals agree and give consent to different aspects being recorded and shared for learning and training purposes.

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