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Volume 3 Issue 1 February 2023

Secondary Research Thesis, Touch and Intention

Systematic Review Study and Focused Study: Dimensions of Touch and Role of Intentions in Healing.

Author: Aarti Asrani


A Pilot Study, Self-Esteem and Fear of Missing Out

Self-Esteem, Parenting Styles and FOMO - A Pilot Study DOI:

Author: Anil Thomas

Co-Author: Meghna Basu


A Mixed Method Study, Hologram and Neurocleanliness

Hologram: An Enquiry on Neurocleanliness - A Mixed Method Study DOI:

Author: Anil Thomas

Co-Author: Kremika Shobhawat


A Quantitative Study, Diabetes and Behaviour

A Quantitative Study to Understand Diabetes and Behaviour; Hereditary and Beyond DOI:

Author: Dr Rajkumar Arunachalam


A Correlational Study, Personality and Consciousness

Impact of Personality on Subconscious Pattern: A Correlational Study

DOI: Author: Anil Thomas Co-Author: Ashvika Singh


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