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Self-Esteem, Parenting Styles and FOMO: A Pilot Study

Issued Date: 2nd February 2023

Published Date: 7th February 2023 DOI:

Author Affiliations: Anil Thomas

Co-Author Affiliations: Meghna Basu


Studies have previously shown that 75% of adolescents and young adults experience FOMO regularly. It has also been related with problematic smartphone usage and social media usage. There is an evident lack of discourse pertaining to the psychological aspects of FOMO. This study investigates the relationship between Parenting Styles, Self-esteem and the levels of the fear of missing out experienced by adolescents and young adults. Data was collected from 159 participants, aged 13 - 25 years, originating from Indian urban settings, through an online questionnaire. The questionnaire included the General Health Questionnaire 28, Rosenberg Self-esteem Scale, Parenting Style Inventory II and the Fear of Missing out Scale. Results show high correlation between parenting styles and self-esteem. It was found that there is an effective and statistically significant relationship between parenting styles, self-esteem and the levels of FOMO experienced by adolescents and young adults.


Keywords: Parenting styles · Self-esteem · Fear of Missing Out · Adolescents · Young Adult


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