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A Quantitative Study to Understand Diabetes and Behaviour; Hereditary and Beyond

Issued Date: 11th March 2023 Published Date: 13th March 2023 DOI:

Author Affiliations: Dr Rajkumar Arunachalam


Diabetes is a group of chronic conditions characterized by high levels of glucose (sugar) in the blood. The hallmark of Diabetes Mellitus, which is mostly brought on by people's daily routines, is considered a chronic disease. Here, habits mostly refer to those that steer a person away from active lifestyle choices and towards a sedentary routine with little to no activities. Modern life is built on the goal to make our lives easy, relaxing, and less tiring hence the concept of sitting down or; ‘couch-potato behaviour’ and doing things at a slow pace triggered the onset of several lifestyle diseases with Type-2 Diabetes being the most common and popular in our Indian societies.



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