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Impact of Personality on Subconscious Pattern: A Correlational Study

Issued Date: 28.03.2023

Published Date: 30.03.2023

Author Affiliations: Anil Thomas

Co-Author Affiliations: Ashvika Singh


Every person has unique characteristics, and as a result of these characteristics, they exhibit a particular behavior in particular contexts. His personality is closely tied to this behavior. Our personality refers to who we are as a whole, including everything about us, including our appearance—hair, teeth, and eyes—as well as our gait, posture, and mannerisms. It also refers to our thoughts, feelings, attitudes, and hobbies.

The Latin word "Persona" is the etymological source of the word "personality." Originally, this term referred to the "mask" that actors wore to alter their appearance. Since then, external behaviour or appearance has been described by the term "personality." Personality is the sum of a person's interactions with both themselves and other people. It is the only thing someone knows about him.



Personality · Subconscious · Subconscious Pattern · Self Reflection · Inner Consciousness · Insight


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