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Jan '23 - Aug '23

Live - Online

The purpose of the Global Internship Research Program (GIRP) is to encourage young adults across the globe to showcase their research skills in psychology and to present them in creative content expression as per the latest APA formats. 

March '23 - July '23

Live - Online

The purpose of the Research Mentorship Program is to invite qualified postgraduate students to immerse themselves in research courses and dive deep into Neurolinguistics & Gestalt Psychology while discovering new knowledge through academic-level research.

3rd November '23 

3rd Annual Trauma International Conference


The purpose of the trauma conference is to improve the quality of care provided to individuals who have experienced trauma by providing education and training to mental health professionals. Additionally, the conference may provide a platform for networking and collaboration among professionals in the field, which can lead to the development of new and innovative approaches to trauma treatment and care.

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