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Submit a Research Proposal

IJNGP is an open-access journal and therefore to meet the cost of the processes involved in the publication of articles we charge a submission fee at the time of submission.

This way we also avoid paper duplication and ensure authors' seriousness towards publishing their work in IJNGP.

Incase of any queries, WhatsApp on  917045864874, and you will be guided through the process.

Comma Separated List of Authors (FName LName, FName LName) / No Academic Details or Numbers

Primary Email ( Provide personal email-id, sometimes official/univ/institute server block incoming email. )

In case you don't receive submission email notification within 5 mins, mail to

Number that is currently in use

Maximum Char Allowed 50

Research paper abstract

Select Others if area is not there in list.

Attach File

Upload File

Guidelines and Research Proposal Format


Publication fee

Thank you for submitting!

Note: In case of any issue during submission you can mail us the query


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