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Journal Policies

Manuscript submitted to IJNGP cannot be submitted elsewhere and vice versa.

Students are advised to mention the program they are undertaking. The primary affiliation for the
authors should be their current organization/institution they are associated with.

If the manuscript contains any kind of personal information of any person, email permission from the
the quoted person is required.
The journal reserves all rights to reject a paper at any step of the process, regardless of its acceptance at
any stage, if there are issues with its scientific content and/or our publishing policies, seem to be violated.

A statement of responsibility is required to be submitted with or within the manuscript specifying
the contribution of each author.

There would be only one submitting/corresponding author irrespective of their responsibility/contribution for
all the communication with IJNGP.

Before submission, the corresponding author ensures that all authors are included in the author list, its
order has been agreed by all authors, and that all authors are aware that the paper was submitted.

IJNGP Editorial Board Members shall not be handling any manuscripts involved in cases of conflict of
interest and/or financial aspect. This includes but doesn't limit to having the submitted manuscript
previously published with one or more authors.

Paper submissions by Journal team members are welcome and the same policies shall be applicable for them.
They shall not be given any kind of priority, special treatment. Such authors will not be a part of the
review team for their paper

Manuscript submitted to the journal must be original and not plagiarised and/or submitted and/or
published previously. This rule applies to manuscripts submitted elsewhere while the IJNGP contribution
is under consideration.

IJNGP does not share any details of any of its submissions/manuscripts received from other organizations
that are under consideration or that have been rejected. 
Acceptable plagiarism is strict up to 10%. Anything more than that shall be outright rejection.
Due credits should be cited at all costs.













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