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Understanding the Concept of Love and How it Evolves Through Life: An Exploratory Study

Issued Date: 29.07.2022

Published date: 02.08.2022

Author Affiliations: Anil Thomas

Co-Author Affiliations: Ashvika Singh


Each person is unique and interprets situations differently depending on their perspective, the definition of love can change as a person ages. The purpose of the present study is to explore the concept of love and how it changes with age and to study this objective data was collected using a subjective survey which consists of six open ended questions and thematic analysis was used to interpret the gathered information. Total sample size was, N=119 participants, among which 91 were females, 27 males and 1 other, age ranging from 17-60 years. Findings shows four major themes: expression, experience, connection, and exchange, all of which are considered to represent love when put together and it also reveal that participants at young age experienced love which is described as immature (35%), emotionally unstable (17%) as compared to love relationships after 30 years of age that were mature, long lasting and emotionally stable. It can be concluded that love is a multifaceted phenomenon including the expression of feelings and emotions, the formation of friendly connections, the exchange of pleasurable interactions, and the experience of a positive state. And the concept of love evolves as people gain new experiences with age.



Love · Experience · Expression · Connection


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