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Relationship Between Job Role and Identity Change

Issued Date: 20.08.2022 Published Date: 23.08.22

Author Affiliations: Rekha R Upadhyay


People’s personalities and identities are very malleable and can be influenced by factors such as the environment they live and work in, different roles as well as different expectations that society puts on them. This might lead them to change the way they behave, by how they’re expected to behave and how they would behave when their roles are changed. The study aims at exploring how job role changes have led to changes in identities, in the form of how they deal with themselves as well as others, such as while managing teams, decision making, conflicts and managing other people or how they behave in their personal lives. A survey was conducted on individuals from the corporate sector who have more than ten years of working experience and recently have a job role change. The survey consists of a 13-item questionnaire. The survey was completed by 171 individuals. In statistical analysis, descriptive statistical methods were used. It was found out that job role changes led to changes in some aspects of their identities like decision-making skills, and personality traits and these changes have changed them for the better. Some aspects do not change after changes in job roles like their relationship with family members and friendship at the workplace. Results showed that individual differences play an important role as it depends on person to person how they cope with and respond to the changes at the workplace.



Role Change · Identity · Corporate · Organization · Behavior · Job Titles · Positions


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