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Quantum Neuro – Synchronicity

Issued Date: 19th July 2021

Published Date: 28th July 2021


Author Affiliations: Anil Thomas & Rishika Shah

Abstract: Quantum Neuro-Synchronicity explores the brain activities of an individual when they are completely immersed into a previously inexperienced and unfamiliar activity. Although there have been researches on the synchronicity between dyads, there is a clear gap in research on the benefits of the sync on the right and left sides of the brain on an individual. Its scope extends to not only engaging and developing our neurology but also as a means to escape all the weights that constantly pull people back. It is a momentary relief, a transitory phase, and a feeling of bliss that one can experience by simply learning something new. Carl Jung created the term “synchronicity” to explain a relationship between two events that could not be explained by cause and effect.



Synchronicity · Schema · Nervous System · Bilingualism · Multilingualism · TOTE model


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