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Parent-child communication and children's psychological well-being and self-concept.

Issued Date: 08.09.2022 Published Date: 12.09.2022

Author Affiliations: Delnaz Irani

Author Affiliations: Ashvika Singh


During the developmental period of life, the environment in which they grow up and the degree of communication between parents and children both have an impact on how they establish their sense of self-concept and their wellbeing. The purpose of the current study is to assess the association between psychological wellbeing, self-concept, and parent-child communication. Data was collected from 120 participants using The Parent-Adolescent Communication Scale (PACS) by Barnes, H. L. (1982), The EPOCH Measure of Adolescent Well-being by Kern et al., 2016 and Self-concept scale (Robson, 1989). Results were analysed using Pearson correlation which suggests significant correlation was found between happiness and child communication (r=.485** N=120, p=0.00). Also, negative correlation between child communication and self-concept. However, no significant correlation was found between parent- child communication. Therefore, one possible explanation is that children might not want their parents to learn about their personal experiences initially.



Self-concept · Psychological Wellbeing · Communication


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