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IJNGP is India's First Journal Focusing on Neurolinguistics Programming (NLP) and Gestalt Psychology and Therapy. With this journal, we hope to bring together knowledge, innovative ideas and academic information about Gestalt Psychology and NLP to the audience worldwide. 


Expressive, thoughtful and academic articles written by experts and professionals.

Editor's Article

Giants of our times

Todays view of giants ( famous people that have made a difference)  

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Psycho Tools

Unfolding A Therapy case 

Career in Psychology 

Unboxing therapy method to be used by Mental health Professionals

Unfolding a Case Study with thorough explanation of the case and therapy used .

A detailed illustration of a career in the field of psychology, its scope and A credited universities and colleges to apply. 

Article written by Anil Thomas

To submit a paper follow the journal guidelines 

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