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International Journal of

Neurolinguistics & Gestalt Psychology 

The International Journal of Neurolinguistics & Gestalt Psychology (IJNGP) is dedicated to promoting the study and research in the areas of Neurolinguistics, Gestalt Psychology and Therapy. IJNGP publishes research articles and reviews within the whole range of Neurolinguistics and Gestalt. 

This journal follows the open access policy. It is a peer-reviewed journal that releases 2 issues per year and serves as a platform for the enrichment, articulation and support of the constantly emerging field of Research in Neurolinguistics, Gestalt Psychology and Therapy 

This journal aims to provide a platform for students, established and budding researchers, teachers, mental health professionals, and linguists. The journal welcomes articles related to empirical or theoretical research and is keen on building a harmonious community among its members. The publications of papers are selected through double peer-reviewed to ensure originality, relevance, and readability. The articles published in our journal can be accessed online and is open to researchers, scholars, and members of the public to access and build upon the work that has been published in the journal.

IJNGP expects all the articles or papers to be original and is not been published previously or submitted to any journal for consideration for publication. All the articles or papers must adhere to the style and the ethics of the IJNGP. All the articles or papers will be thoroughly reviewed and edited by expert reviewers and language editors before consideration for publication.


Publishing Process

A complete research paper outline for writing and publishing your project with step by step instructions.


About our Editorial Board. Members are responsible for publishing the article on time and for expert advice.

Current Issue

"Every person on this earth is full of great possibilities that can be realized through imagination, effort, and perseverance."

–Scott Barry Kaufmann

IJNGP is dedicated to promoting the study and research in the areas of Neurolinguistics and Gestalt Therapy.

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IJNGP provide opportunities for students to learn and explore the subjects of Neurolinguistics and Gestalt Psychology in the form of Colloquiums, Forum, Guest Lectures, Symposium and more!

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