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Volume 2 Issue 1 February 2022

Brief Report: Metaphors

How Interpretation of Metaphors Change People’s Understanding of Others

Author: Mehernosh Randeria

Co-Author: Saadet Belin Atabey


Brief Report: State Management

Productivity is Highest in the Morning Time: An Enquiry

Author: Aniket Bhalerao

Co-Author: Saadet Belin Atabey


Brief Report: Auditory Introjections

Impact of Music on Emotional State and its Management in Youth

Author: Fr. Dominic Veigas

Co-Author: Ishita Panchal


Brief Report: Treatment of Trauma

Treatment of Trauma through Integrational Dissociation and Distortion

Author: Anil Thomas

Co-Author: Kumud Poptani


Brief Report: Anger and its Expressions

Anger: Examining Anger Variations and their Effects

Author: Anil Thomas

Co-Author: Pranjali Vatsa


Bonus Paper

Brief Report: Psychotherapy and Counselling Practices

An Exploratory Study on the Effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Delivery of Psychotherapy and Counselling Practices in Urban India

Author: Samindara Sawant

Co-Author: Shriya Bhat



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