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College Engagement

IJNGP actively engages with colleges to promote a range of topics, including psychotherapy, mental health, and the expanding field of researchThrough collaborations with educational institutions, IJNGP provides students with access to expert knowledge and practical insights by organising workshops, seminars, and lectures led by professionals from diverse fields. These initiatives aim to enhance students' understanding of psychological concepts, real-world applications, and encourage research.

By facilitating these collaborative endeavours, IJNGP not only equips students with essential theoretical foundations but also cultivates their practical skills in psychological practice and research methodologies. This holistic approach aims to empower the next generation of mental health professionals and researchers, ensuring they are well-prepared to navigate the complexities of today's demands with confidence and competence. Through these concerted efforts, IJNGP continues to foster a learning environment that bridges academia with practical insights, preparing students to make meaningful contributions to the field of psychology and beyond.

Power of Perspectives with Sophia College (Autonomous), Since 2019

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Power of Perspectives is an engaging online session conducted in collaboration with the Department of Psychology of Sophia College (Autonomous). It is accredited under the National Education Policy (NEP). This session features esteemed speakers from diverse backgrounds—counsellors, therapists, and professionals from other settings—who talk about different engaging topics.​


Each speaker delivers a one-hour lecture on a specific topic, focusing on the real-world applications of psychological principles and concepts. These topics are selected to be both engaging and relevant to current trends and issues in the field of psychology.​

Annual Research Conference and Paper Presentation, Since 2021

The Annual Research Conference and Paper Presentation is a cornerstone event in IJNGP’s academic calendar. This conference serves as a platform for students to present their research findings, fostering a culture of inquiry and intellectual growth within our community.

The conference sees participation from a diverse group of speakers and student authors, each bringing a wealth of knowledge, who present them to the audience of research enthusiasts. Our invited speakers, experts in their respective fields, provide insights into the latest developments in research to encourage budding researchers.


Deep Conversations, June 2023 and March 2024

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Deep Conversations, an event hosted in collaboration with St. Pauls Institute of Communication Education was a unique experiential session that brought together professionals from the field of mental health and students to offer a space for personal growth and emotional support.


Students engaged in deep, meaningful dialogues with professionals while they held the space for them, allowing them to explore their stressors. By making therapy accessible, Deep Conversations empowered students to prioritise their mental well-being and consider seeking professional help as a viable and worthwhile option in the future.

Skill-Based Workshop with St. Pauls Institute of Communication Education, August 2023

IJNGP successfully conducted a Skill-Based Workshop with the students of St. Pauls Institute of Communication Education. This comprehensive session focused on essential skills for personal development and mental well-being, featuring a panel of expert speakers who covered critical topics that directly addressed students’ needs.


The workshop was met with enthusiastic participation and positive feedback from students because of the practical advice and actionable strategies shared by the speakers. The interactive nature of the sessions allowed students to engage directly with the topics, ask questions, and share their experiences. 


Talks That Matter, Since 2023

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​Talks That Matter is designed to enrich the educational experience of students through insightful lectures by senior professionals. This event is a unique opportunity for students to learn from experts in the field, free of charge.

The lectures, each lasting one hour, cover a range of pertinent topics such as psychotherapy, mindfulness, and research. These sessions aim to deepen students' understanding of these subjects and provide practical knowledge that can be applied in their academic and personal lives.

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