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The growth of a subject comes from research and by qualitatively testing it in various demographics we encourage and support students to take up serious research work.

Reseasons to write a Research Paper


Research is a crucial tool for navigating our complex world. Without it, we would be dependent solely on our intuition, others’ authority, and blind faith.

While we feel confident in our abilities to decipher and interact with the world around us, History has demonstrated us with examples of how wrong we can be when we fail to recognize the need for evidence in supporting our claims.

At various times in history, we would have been certain that the sun revolved around the Earth, that the Earth's surface was flat and that mental illness was caused by possession.

And it is through systematic research that we divest ourselves of our preconceived notions and superstitions and gain an objective understanding of ourselves and our world.

Support The Learning And Research Grant Project

We understand and encourage the importance of academic writing in the lives of young students/research aspirants and therefore seek to provide a resource and platform to inspire research writing.


As a nation, it is important to have research-driven work. It drives progress and innovation forward. Research exercises the mind and feeds curiosity. It makes the quality of our lives better. The future depends on the research we do today!


Research Mentorship Program

'The Research Mentorship Program' which is guided and led under the Learning and Research Grants Project provides researchers (students) with the following:


  • Subject Matter Experts to mentor the students on Neurolinguistics and Gestalt Psychology

  • Statistics and Testing Guidance

  • Peer Reviewing of Research Paper simultaneously

  • Research Subject Ideas.

  • Opportunity to get published in our journal on Merit-based Research Papers

  • LOR and Certificate at the end of writing a complete research paper

Upcoming Research Projects

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