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Productivity is Highest in the Morning Time: An Enquiry

Issued Date: 03.02.2022

Published Date: 07:02:2022

Author Affiliations: Aniket Bhalerao

Co-Author Affiliations: Saadet Belin Atabey


Studying or working early in the morning is considered a more productive time in some of the articles. However, these articles may not have considered the effects of the circadian rhythm. This article suggests that the emotional state of people affects the work productivity of people more than the time of day. To measure this, an online questionnaire has been sent to 111 participants through Google Forms who are between 18 and 65 years old. The Endicott Work Productivity Scale (Endicott & Nee, 1997) and the Positive and Negative Affect Schedule (Watson et al., 1988) have been used to create the questionnaire. After performing the correlation analysis on SPSS, a weak and negative relation between positive affect and work productivity has been found. There is also a moderate and positive correlation between negative affect and work productivity. It is revealed that there are significant correlations between emotional state and work productivity, however, the reason is not known due to the nature of correlation analysis.



Emotional State, Work Productivity, Time of the Day


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