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IJNGP Journal Guidelines

The articles should be written in English and your contributions should meet the following criteria: 


1. The article must be original and not published anywhere at the time of submission. The articles will go through a thorough plagiarism check, If the article shows a plagiarism per cent of more than 9% then it would not be accepted. 


2. If the article is a curated news/research paper/report, it should cite the original sources. The value of the original reports should be added to your report. Plagiarism should be less than 4 per cent excluding  "Quotes" and "Bibliographies"

3. The content being submitted should be strictly an article and not a blog. Articles are written in an APA Format It is based on interview, research, explanation, analysis or report and is fact-based. Whereas blogs are based on casual writing and it is not based on an interview or research. Generally, blogs are less than 300 words and sometimes less than 1000 words mean comparatively smaller than articles. 

     *The article shouldn’t be too short or too long. Your article should be in the range of 800-2200 words


4. We will give priority to those articles that are based on topics relevant to today’s time. 


5. We always give priority to mental health and Psycho-educational articles (that use psychology as a means to educate and              spread awareness.)


6. The article should be creative, inspire thought and evoke emotion, and not simply act as a source of informing readers about prevalent concerns. Please ensure that the header for the article is distinctive, and focuses broadly on the chosen topic. 


*Please note: Submitted articles will be reviewed and moderated, and will be published by our editorial team if they meet the above criteria*


*Submit an article through the following link*

The author will be informed of the confirmation of submission and further process once the article is submitted. 

Note: Editorial Board holds the right to accept or reject the article.

*For any enquires
contact us at +91 7045864874

mail us at:       

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